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The Spirit Will Get You

Escrito por Angel Josephine

Tipo: Quest de intercambio
Nivel requerido: 0
Localización: Farmine
Premium: Si
Recompensa: 9550 experience and the ability to exchange the Old Cape and Coolie hat for addons for the Wayfarer outfit.
Duración: Corta (< 1 Hora)
Notas: Necesitas tener acceso a la parte norte de Zao


Brimstone Bug
Brimstone Bug
1300 HP
900 Exp
Death Blob
Death Blob
320 HP
300 Exp
Lancer Beetle
Lancer Beetle
400 HP
275 Exp
Lizard High Guard
Lizard High Guard
1800 HP
1450 Exp
Lizard Legionnaire
Lizard Legionnaire
1400 HP
1100 Exp
Mutated Bat
Mutated Bat
900 HP
615 Exp
Mutated Rat
Mutated Rat
550 HP
450 Exp
Mutated Tiger
Mutated Tiger
1100 HP
750 Exp
1100 HP
1300 Exp

Guía de quest

Desde el escondite de los Rebeldes, sigue este mapa para llegar a la rampa que sube


Cerca de ahí encontraras un NPC llamado Cranky Lizard Crone. Pregúntale por una misión y acéptala. Ahora necesitas encontrar 3 Faded Last Wills.


Registro de la charla
You: Hi
Cranky Lizard Crone: Hello zere! Erm, iz... iz zere zomeone zere? Come clozer I can't zee zo good anymore.
You: mission
Cranky Lizard Crone: Yez, yez, I could need your azziztanze indeed. I am all alone, all on my own. But ZEY will not leave me in peaze. Zeir {zpiritz}, zey haunt me. Zeir {ghoztz} long for me. ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: I need... you to bring me what zey are zearching. Zomezing I can give to zem zat ztopz zem from haunting me. In ziz beautiful {village} I have... lozt zomezing, yez. My {memory}, you know. ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: Zere are 3 {cheztz} zomewhere in zeze gorgeouz houzez you zee around you. You zee zem, don't you? My eyezight, you know. It iz fading. And I can't remember... which houzez zey were in. ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: But YOU are young, YOU can zee, YOU can find zem. Each of ze cheztz containz a... paper. A {will}. From memberz of my poor dezeazed family. Pleaze get zem for me, child. Will you help me?
You: yes
Cranky Lizard Crone: Good, good, pleaze hurry. Don't take zo long, will you child.

Ahora dirígete hacia el noroeste y sube las escaleras. Cerca de ahí debiera haber una caja con uno de los ítems.


Para obtener el segundo ítem, dirígete al sur hasta que llegues a unas escaleras. Sube las escaleras y toma el ítem de la caja.


Para obtener el tercer ítem necesitas volver y bajar las escaleras e ir más hacia el sur. Aquí debiera haber mas escaleras, ve abajo y toma el último ítem.


Vuelve con Cranky Lizard Crone y reporta acerca de tu misión.

Registro de la charla
You: mission
Cranky Lizard Crone: You have returned, I azzume you found ze lazt of ze lazt willz, yez my child? Have you?
You: yes
Cranky Lizard Crone: Hahahahahahahaaaaaa. You did it. You brought it back. You did what I could not. What I waz forbidden to do. Bound to ziz plaze. Ze very ground I ztood on when dizazter ztruck. ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: When everyzing waz ztill bright, ze houzez tidy, ze blozzomz blazing, ze waterz pure - I killed zem. ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: I took care of zeir houzeholdz for zo long, zeir roomz, zeir bedz, zeir offzpring. I had enough. I could not ztand zeir fazez anymore. Ztaring down on me, adorning zemzelvez wiz decadenze. ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: Yez, I took care of zem one lazt time, each of zem. ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: And when I waz done and it waz all water under ze bridge, I returned, to collect my reward. My merit, my payoff. If I got my hand on each lazt will, none would benefit from zeir wealz. And I would have my revenge. ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: AND IT WAZ TAKEN FROM ME. ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: Zuddenly zomezing happened, ze zky darkened, ze world around me changed, all inhabitantz of ziz poor decal of a village died in ziz horrible cataztrophe. ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: To zink zat I would've only had to WAIT. Inztead I ended up BURIED under ze remnantz of ziz dump. ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: My goal moving infinitely far out of reach, I finally breazed my lazt. I died here all zoze yearz ago az well. ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: Bound to ziz zoil I waz reztlezz wiz ziz unfinished affair. And YOU, YOU achieved what I could not. You retrieved ze lozt willz and NOW I AM THE GAINER. ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: Haha, ha... ha. ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: Why... why do I not dizappear? What'z happening? ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: Hmmm... what? Ziz lazt document readz zat... large partz of ziz one'z heir were meant for... me? He didn't know ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: Zo ziz iz not about my revenge? I am here for... punishment? PUNISHMENT? ZIZ IZ YOUR FAULT HUMAN! BEGONE. LEAVE. Leave me. Leave me... alone.


Ahora podrás obtener los addons para tu Wayfarer outfit.

1er addon:

Registro de la charla
You: hi
Cranky Lizard Crone: Hello zere! Erm, iz... iz zere zomeone zere? Come clozer I can't zee zo good anymore.
You: old cape
Cranky Lizard Crone: Mh, I zee, well I probably darned more capez in my time than you wore in your entire life. Give it here, one more or lezz will not make a differenze, right?
You: yes
Cranky Lizard Crone: Hm, alright zen. Give me a minute. ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: Zo, zere you go. Now finally leave me be.

2do addon:

Registro de la charla
You: coolie hat
Cranky Lizard Crone: Do I look like your perzonal hatter?! ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: Well, on ze ozer hand, I do have zome experienze from my time working for zeze people. And zat hat surely needz a makeover. Care to give it to me?
You: yes
Cranky Lizard Crone: Alright let me zee. ...
Cranky Lizard Crone: Here you are. Now begone.