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Shaman Outfit Tribal Mask Addon

Escrito por B@rt

Tipo: Quest de Addon
Nivel requerido: 0
Localización: Port Hope
Premium: Si
Recompensa: Shaman Tribal Mask Addon
Duración: Larga (> 2 Horas)
Notas: Tendras que enfrentar Dworc Fleshunter, Kongra's y Sibangs.

Ítems requeridos

PicÍtemCantidadLoot de
Banana Staff Banana Staff 5 Merlkin
Tribal Mask Tribal Mask 5 Dworc Fleshhunter, Dworc Venomsniper


230 HP
145 Exp
Dworc Venomsniper
Dworc Venomsniper
80 HP
30 Exp
Dworc Voodoomaster
Dworc Voodoomaster
80 HP
55 Exp

Guía de quest

Lee como obtener el traje aqui

Addon 1
Lee como obtener el primer addon aqui

Acceso a Meriana
Lee como obtener acceso a Meriana aqui

Addon 2
No puedes hacer este addon sin tener todas las quest anteriores.

Recolecta los items necesario de los Merlkins y Dworcs, cuando tu hagas esto, ve con Chondur en Meriana y pidele por otra tarea. El te pedira que le lleves 5 Banana Staffs y 5 Tribal masks.

Registro de la charla
You: Addon
Chondur: You have successfully passed the first task. If you can fulfil my second task, I will grant you a mask like the one I wear. Will you listen to the requirements?
You: yes
Chondur: The dworcs of Tiquanda like to wear certain tribal masks which I would like to take a look at. Please bring me 5 of these masks. ...
Chondur: Secondly, the high ape magicians of Banuta use banana staves. I would love to learn more about theses staves, so please bring me 5 of them also. ...
Chondur: If you manage to fulfil this task, I will grant you your own mask. Have you understood everything and are ready for this test?
You: Yes
Chondur: Good! Come back once you have collected 5 tribal masks and 5 banana staves.

Haba nuevamente con el:

Registro de la charla
You: Hi
Chondur: Be greeted, child.
You: Tribal mask
Chondur: Have you gathered the 5 tribal masks and the 5 banana staves?
You: Yes
Chondur: Well done, my child! I hereby grant you the right to wear a shamanic mask. Do it proudly.

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