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Criaturas de Tibia

Nombre Exp Hp Exp/hp Loot
Fahim The Wise Fahim The Wise 1500 2000 0,75 Blue Piece Of Cloth, Gold Coin, Mystic Turban, Royal Spear, Strong Mana Potion - [Estadísticas de loot]
Fallen Mooh'Tah Master Ghar Fallen Mooh'Tah Master Ghar 4400 8000 0,55 Esta criatura siempre esta vacia
Fernfang Fernfang 400 400 1 [Estadísticas de loot]
Ferumbras Ferumbras 12000 35000 0,34 Demonwing Axe, Divine Plate, Ferumbras' Hat, Gold Coin, Gold Ingot, Haunted Blade, Mastermind Shield, Small Emerald, Spellscroll Of Prophecies, Terra Legs - [Estadísticas de loot]
Feversleep Feversleep 4400 5900 0,75 [Estadísticas de loot]
Fire Devil Fire Devil 110 200 0,55 Blank Rune, Cleaver, Double Axe, Necrotic Rod, Pitchfork, Scimitar, Small Amethyst, Small Pitchfork, Torch - [Estadísticas de loot]
Fire Elemental Fire Elemental 220 280 0,79 Esta criatura siempre esta vacia
Fire Overlord Fire Overlord 2800 4000 0,7 Eternal Flames, Fiery Heart, Gold Coin, Platinum Coin - [Estadísticas de loot]
Firestarter Firestarter 80 180 0,44 [Estadísticas de loot]
Flame Of Omrafir Flame Of Omrafir 800 ? [Estadísticas de loot]
Flamecaller Zazrak Flamecaller Zazrak ? Dragon Priest's Wandtip, Gold Coin, Zaoan Shoes - [Estadísticas de loot]
Flamethrower Flamethrower ? Esta criatura siempre esta vacia
Flamingo Flamingo 0 25 0 Esta criatura siempre esta vacia
Fleabringer Fleabringer 265 ? [Estadísticas de loot]
Fluffy Fluffy 3550 4500 0,79 [Estadísticas de loot]
Foreman Kneebiter Foreman Kneebiter 228 570 0,4 [Estadísticas de loot]
Forest Fury Forest Fury 235 480 0,49 [Estadísticas de loot]
Frazzlemaw Frazzlemaw 3400 4100 0,83 [Estadísticas de loot]
Frost Dragon Frost Dragon 2100 1800 1,17 Book, Dragon Ham, Dragon Scale Mail, Dragon Slayer, Energy Ring, Gold Coin, Golden Mug, Green Mushroom, Ice Cube, Ice Rapier, Life Crystal, Power Bolt, Royal Helmet, Shard, Small Sapphire, Strange Helmet, Tower Shield - [Estadísticas de loot]
Frost Dragon Hatchling Frost Dragon Hatchling 745 800 0,93 Dragon Ham, Frosty Heart, Gold Coin, Health Potion, Spellbook Of Enlightenment - [Estadísticas de loot]
Frost Giant Frost Giant 150 260 0,58 Battle Shield, Club Ring, Dark Helmet, Frost Giant Pelt, Gold Coin, Halberd, Health Potion, Ice Cube, Meat, Norse Shield, Shard, Short Sword - [Estadísticas de loot]
Frost Giantess Frost Giantess 150 260 0,58 Battle Shield, Club Ring, Dark Helmet, Frost Giant Pelt, Gold Coin, Ham, Ice Cube, Mana Potion, Norse Shield, Shard, Short Sword, Small Stone - [Estadísticas de loot]
Frost Servant Frost Servant ? ? 0 [Estadísticas de loot]
Frost Spider Frost Spider ? ? 0 [Estadísticas de loot]
Frost Troll Frost Troll 23 55 0,42 Club, Coat, Fish, Frosty Ear Of A Troll, Gold Coin, Party Hat, Party Trumpet, Rapier, Snowball, Spear, Twigs, Wooden Shield - [Estadísticas de loot]
Frostfur Frostfur 35 65 0,54 Esta criatura siempre esta vacia
Furious Troll Furious Troll 185 245 0,76 Bunch Of Troll Hair, Gold Coin, Platinum Coin, War Hammer - [Estadísticas de loot]
Fury Fury 4000 4500 0,89 Assassin Dagger, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Demonic Essence, Gold Coin, Great Health Potion, Jalapeño Pepper, Jalapeåo Pepper, Jalapeño Pepper, Noble Axe, Orichalcum Pearl, Platinum Coin, Red Piece Of Cloth, Rusty Legs, Small Amethyst, Soul Orb, Terra Rod - [Estadísticas de loot]
Furyosa Furyosa 11500 25000 0,46 [Estadísticas de loot]